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Plans for Early 2009

Posted by MAJORA64 - January 27th, 2009

Thursday is my final school exam for the first half off the year. That means as soon as I come home I'll probably be on the ol' tablet pounding out another movie. Like most movies I've worked on since M1A1, I've been working on this one sparingly. I would have had it finished weeks ago if there weren't any exams. it's one of the those few projects that I like working on.

I've decided a new rule: I won't go on and make a new animation unless I actually enjoy working on it (I kinda sound like DiamondArmada there). That's what happened to Numb, it was one of those few movies that I really enjoyed making. There was detail, but also simplicity. This next one however will have a little less simiplicity and a little more complexity, which is why I only "like" animating it. I guess this is partly because I still haven't mastered making my characters body movements fluid yet. Hell I'd give anything to be on the ranks of Adam Phillips, TheSwain, and SamBakZa, talented talented artists.

So, the movie I'm working on is the fifth episode of my main cartoon series. I haven't released an official episode (I've only release shorts or cameos since) since July 2007, and that is over a year. In fact, I actually started the fifth episode on New Year's Day 2008 and worked sparingly on it for most of 2008. Problem is though I was still feeling the effects of M1A1 as I stated many times before so I on;y worked on it every so often. Finally in September I just said "Fuck it, I'm done" and I completely stopped the animation. So now I'm making a brand new Episode 5 with a completely different storyline.

But I will go back to the original one and probably redo the entire thing from scratch. I've watched it the for first time since September a couple weeks ago and now I realized how disgustingly out-of-synch it was. Probably because I was still using 12fps at the time. I've moved on to 18fps like TheSwain in his early days. I found it was so much better to animate when there's fast movements. I tried using 20 and even 24 fps but it was too much for me. But the episode will probably be finished somewhere in the late future because I got amazing new concepts for episodes 6 and 7 and I probably want to try something new for episode 8. The first official episode I'll release on Newgrounds will be episode 5. I don't have the heart to release the preavious 4 episodes, they would probably get low scores anyway (That was back when i first got Flash, when I didn't have a tablet).

I also want to release another movie I've been working on sparingly since July in my second cartoon series. My friend and bandmate Jonah Smith recorded the voices to his characters way back when and all I need to do is finish the animation. But like I said before, if I work on a project for too long I get bored of it. The unfinished cartoon I mentioned about was over 6 minutes long and only half finished and it's tiring looking at the same shit over and over again. I also got some great ideas for a Star Wars parody and a cartoon involving Oatmeal Crisp (*sarcasticly* Yeah that sounds exciting). But depending on how busy I am with school, the band, and the other animations I'm working on I probably won't attempt them for awhile.

(I hate it when i write long posts like this...)

When I release this next movie I show a picture of each character and a little bit about tem to get an idea of what they're like.

BTW, if there is anyone who know any good file hosting sites similar to the now defunct 5gbFree and/or Ripway for .swf files and webpages contact me ASAP, all my cartoons on my site are down. And I'm really cheap, I'm looking for a FREE one.